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9. September 2020, 6:56 am
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Zur ersten Mini-Serie der Slough House-Serie von Mick Herron, in der Gary Oldman die Hauptrolle spielt, Schrieb Stephe Arnell am 6.Februar 2020 in TELEVISION BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL (TBI):

… Herron, who tells TBI he is enthused by the prospect of the Apple adaptation.
‘I’m very happy that we have a great team in Graham Yost (Justified) and Will Smith (Veep) bringing Slow Horses to the screen. I’ve already visited the writers room,” he says, adding that Yost’s presentation of the show’s storyline to Apple was “incredibly impressive.”
The author also stresses the importance of historical context in the Slough House series, emphasising that the story “hues to the tradition of more grounded, realistic British spy thriller, but includes satirical elements, often referencing current events.
“With the political turmoil of the present-day, it helps with such outlandish occurrences as Trump that you can push the boundaries, although Slough House eschews the gadgetry of some spy thriller novels.”

For Apple, Slow Horses is clearly another costly bet on talent-led drama. The presence of 2018 Oscar winner Oldman in a very rare TV role adds to the lustre of Slow Horses and could help sell the show to prospective subscribers who may not yet have engaged with the streamer.
The series may also have the knock-on effect of giving Oldman’s post-Oscar career a boost, following appearances in thrillers such as Tau, Hunter Killer, The Courier and Killers Anonymous. And while there has been little word yet on the supporting cast, the presence of the aforementioned Yost as executive producer, together with Veep co-writer and co-producer Smith promise a strong commitment to crackling dialogue and character development.

6. September 2020, 8:28 pm
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Wenn die Saudis in ihrer Istanbuler Botschaft einen Journalisten zerhacken und wie Tönnies ein Schwein zerlegen, droht das Merkel nicht mit Sanktionen, sondern lässt Krauss-Maffei und Rhein-Metall nachfragen „Darfs ein bisschen mehr sein“?

WEISE WORTE by Martin Compart
3. September 2020, 2:59 pm
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‘But remember the Republican Party is not a political party. It’s a mindset, like Hitler Youth. It’s full of hatred.’

Gore Vidal