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23. April 2017, 8:09 am
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I find it amusing—but in a sad and pathetic way—that several ex-intelligence officers and journalists have now suddenly written to me stating how ‘sorry’ they a…re at what they did. Some even claimed they were under ‘orders’ to fabricate stories to put Executive Outcomes (EO) in a negative light and to ‘criminalise’ the company. Their self-confessed aim was to stop EO at all costs—or so their ‘orders’ claimed. To do this, they had to fabricate ‘intelligence’—and lie.
Never before have taxpayers-funded state assets been used so aggressively to vilify a private company in an effort to hide the duplicitous activities conducted by those in power.

The false media reporting and invented intelligence reports very sadly cost the lives of some of my men. But, it also cost the lives of many thousands of innocent non-participants, helped fuel the conflicts and, most importantly, hide the identities of those who were conducting illegal money-making activities and using the conflicts, the media and the intelligence services to help screen their activities.

I suspect some of them are now worried that I am also going to expose their duplicity in the revised edition of the Executive Outcomes book—and maybe I will do so with those who don’t come clean now—so this is their chance. Maybe they have a reason to be worried…
Fabricating lies was their choice. Exposing them for what they really are is now my choice.