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BARLOW SPRICHT: by Martin Compart
11. Januar 2016, 11:03 am
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Martin Daniken hat mich mehrfach gefragt, was Barlow zu verschiedenen Themen denkt. Hier nun einige Antworten, die unseren eurozentrischen Blickwinkel erweitern.


Africa is the battleground of a war aimed at seizing control over its resources. The war is being waged on a military level and on an infrastructure/investment level. Both approaches ultimately aim at getting governments into a position of weakness. The West and the US in particular is opting for the militarization approach whilst the Chinese are adopting a more passive approach in terms of investment and resource extraction. It is however the military level that has seen the rise of proxy forces and other anti-government forces and thus created massive internal instability, resulting in IDPs and refugees. The Chinese investment model has paid off for the Chinese and has increased their influence dramatically. Of course, they do have problems from time to time but in general they abide by their agreements and do not interfere in the internal politics of a country. African governments have taken note of this. African governments have also taken note of the chaos the military approach is causing and the collateral damage across numerous fronts and this is resulting in a groundswell of anti-West and in particular anti-US sentiments in many African countries.



The Russians have been slowly reassessing Africa and have started their return back to Africa. Given that the Russians and China have working agreements on numerous levels, it is conceivable that they will form joint-ventures with Chinese firms where necessary. Traditionally though, the Russians have also not interfered at the political levels although they were always supportive of anti-government forces that were malleable enough to be used to achieve then-Soviet aims. I suspect they will focus on military equipment sales as their equipment has been proven in Africa and is known to work here.


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Kommentar von Martin Daniken

Manchmal dauert es eben etwas länger. Sorry.

Kommentar von Martin Compart

Nein ist okay. Ich bin mal auf die kommenden kompetenten Analyse deutscher“Fachleute“ gespannt, grins. Und den Vergleich mit anglo-amerikanischen Medien. Ganz zu schweigen von dem Herumgesabber unserer Volksvertreter, ob die in der Lage sind ansatzweise zu kapieren was Sache ist,
ob sie es wollen?

Kommentar von Martin Daniken

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