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KENT HARRINGTON 4/ Ein Interview by Martin Compart
30. Oktober 2012, 9:33 am
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MC: How do you think are you still influenced by your latin-american roots?

KENT: I consider myself very much a Latin in terms of temperament and am a classic Catholic in tastes and allowing people room to be, which is contrary to the protestant head-set that wants to force people to work and pay out. Catholic culture, at least my version, the Latin American kind, allows for people to be human, sexually, artistically. In other words, life isn’t about counting money; it’s about spending it. It’s about chasing that pretty girl or buying that painting or writing that book. If you understand that; you understand the Latins. We expect you to fuck up and be human. We are sybaritic, in the good sense of the word. Life is not about saving for tomorrow. It’s about today. I think Art just costs too much for the Protestants. Look at the churches they built! I remember that one important driver behind the Reformation was the bourgeois businessmen didn’t like all the Saint Days, when workers would leave their jobs and go party!

MC: Are you interested in southamerican literature (magic realism etc.)?

KENT: Yes and no. I think that Magic Realism was a convenient way of burying Social Realism, especially during the Cold War, which was also a Culture War. In other word, a novel like Los De Abajao (Mexican Novel about the Revolution in Mexico) is more interesting to me than Borges. Don’t get me wrong; I like Borges, but there is nothing magical about grinding poverty or the Colonial experience and what it has done to people in the Third World.
(As a child, I saw workers paid with corn!) I think that is why The Heart Of Darkness is such a great book — after reading that book, you get it. Having said all that, I do believe that Naturalism can have a wing called Magic Realism, and that it’s useful. In fact, I’ve employed a dash of it in my latest work. I’m a budget of paradoxes as someone says in The Rat Machine.

MC: A lot of writers don’t read a lot of fiction anymore? Same with you?

KENT: Yes, because a lot of modern novels simply bore me. Especially those done in the First Person. It all seems very lazy. But what’s worse are the “crime writers” who have never even been punched in the face. You know it the moment you open their book; it’s like eating fast food.

MC: Are there special themes of non-fiction you read regularly?

KENT: Well, I had to read an enormous amount for The Rat Machine. A lot of history about the Second World War, the Eastern Front, and then histories of Sicily and Italy and the Western Intelligence services, etc. And the Modern Dope Business. I do tend to gravitate towards History for some reason. I loved it in school too.

MC: Are there some living writers you read regularly?

KENT: I check in on author friends of mine, who I came up with, and that I respect. I like to see what they’re up to: M. Connelly, K. Anderson and a few others.


MC: What makes you angry?
– political and personally?

KENT: Well, I hate thieves. I think, that—at its very heart— Fascism is about well organized State Theft. But I hate any kind of thieves. People work so very hard for their personal things: a bike, or a car, a cell phone, and then some asshole steals it. I hate thieves — high or low. Also, I believe lying is theft too. When politicians lie to us, they are stealing something from us we need to make Democracy, the facts.

MC: What makes you happy?

KENT: My wife, in the morning, just looking at her. She is so beautiful. There something about a beautiful woman in the morning. It just makes me happy to be alive.

MC: Anything new about TV- or movie-adaption? We surely know about Huston trying to get MUERTOS made.

KENT: Well, as soon as I get The Rat Machine put to bed—this week—I’m going to go pitch it as a Cable TV series in Hollywood. I really would like to develop it as a TV series, similar say to “Boardwalk Empire” or “The Wire”. I’m going to try to do accomplish that. But it’s very hard there to get anything done!

MC: What do you think will be l the most dangerous political development for the next years?

KENT: If the U.S. loses reserve currency status. Should that happen, the world will change more than at any time since the end of the WWII, and it could get very ugly.

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