Martin Compart


Myron Bünnagels beliebter Fragebogen wird diesmal von Kent Harrington ausgefüllt.


Kent Harrington

What are you doing besides writing?

Nothing right now as I’m trying to finish a novel.

Film released in the year of your birth?

High Noon — 1952

What was your initiation in the noir-subject (film or book)?

I think the B Noir movies that played on television when I was a kid. The one that really made an impression on me was Asphalt Jungle and Angels With Dirty Faces.

What books can we find in your bookshelf?

Right now I’m reading the Seven Pillars of Wisdom by TE Lawrence. It’s a great book. And still relevant somehow.

Which noir cliché do you like the most?

The femme fetal; it’s politically incorrect now but I know that sex can get you into a lot of trouble.

Some of your favorite film noirs?

Dirty Pretty Things

Under The Volcano

Asphalt Jungle

Three Ten To Yuma (Original Version 1957)

Treasure of Sierra Madre

The Grifters

Mona Lisa

High Sierra because of Bogart’s line: “If that battery is dead … it’ll have company, see.”

And films beside noir?

Howards End

Bridge on the River Kwai

Stealing Beauty

Which fictional character (book or film) would you favor to kill face-to-face?

Lou Ford The Killer Inside me.


Questions noir – Your life a film noir
1. Which would be your part in the movie?

The mad-dog gangster who is shot dead running and firing at the cops waiting outside the bank for him. I/he would run clutching the bag of money and be shot down in a hail of gunfire. The money would then fall from the bag and be scattered by the wind, bills hitting my dead face, my pistol held out in front of me. We’d pull back and see me from high above: just another dead gangster in the Big City.

(It’s a cliché scene but I love it.)

2. Your nickname in the movie?

“ The Kid”

3. Which author (living or dead) should write the script?

Jim Thompson

4. Famous quote in your movie? (Exmaple: Scarface = The World Is Yours, White Heat = Made It Ma, Top Of The World)

“I used to be prettier.”

5. Shot in black and white or in color?

Color, very rich colors reds, golds. I would wear a beautiful blue suit. Impeccable.

6. Soundtrack by …

Miles Davis

7. Which femme fatale would lead you to your doom?

I like brunettes, so it would have to be Angelina Jolie. She IS the femme fetal of her generation, isn’t she?

8. Your getaway car?

A tractor trailer. There would be a great action scene of me smashing through road blocks with it.

9. Your weapons?

A Thompson sub-machinegun, and a simple lead pipe.

10. Book for your prison sentence?

War And Peace!

11. Finally: Epigraph on your tombstone?

“He Died Reloading”

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